Kangta Reminisces About Popularity Of H.O.T. And Shares Why He’s Jealous Of Shinhwa

The December 12 episode of the JTBC variety show “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator” featured Kangta as he looked back on his time as a widely popular member of H.O.T., a first generation idol group.

Host Ahn Jung Hwan brought up the topic of his popularity, saying, “Kangta’s popularity in China is no joke.” Singer Lee Sora, who was also guesting on the show, added that Kangta was incredibly popular amongst female celebrities during his time as a member of H.O.T. as well.

Kangta explained, “Our agency managed us so strictly that I couldn’t even contact anyone. It’s a bit of a shame if I think about it now.” He continued, “I’m not very popular now. Actually, the person who was the most popular with female celebrities was Tony. He was really popular.” When asked if he came second after Tony, he quipped, “Yes.”

Kangta also talked about the differences in going solo as opposed to staying in a group. He said, “When you go solo, the fans of the group usually divide based on the individual members. When a member of a group leaves to go solo, many fans end up leaving.”

He opened up about his decision to go solo, saying, “The arrogant thing about me was I thought that if I went solo, I’d have a fifth of the fans, but I ended up with less than a tenth. I learned that it is beautiful when a group is together. That’s why I’m jealous of Shinhwa.”

He brought up the topic of many of the first generation groups who have reunited, revealing, “When g.o.d., SECHSKIES, and S.E.S. reunited, we became more careful. We’re more cautious because we want to come out when we’re all perfectly united with one heart.”

Would you like to see H.O.T. back together?

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