BIGBANG Members Reveal How They Really Feel About Their Earlier Songs

BIGBANG confessed that they are a little embarrassed by their earlier songs like “Haru Haru.”

The members of BIGBANG held their “BIGBANG MADE The Full Album Countdown Live” V Live broadcast on December 12. On this day, the group couldn’t hold back their joy of releasing “MADE,” their first Korean album in eight years.

During the segment where the members looked through a questionnaire, it was revealed that BIGBANG’s fans chose “Dirty Cash” and “Haru Haru” as their favorite songs. Regarding this, Seungri said, “A lot of people have told us that ‘Dirty Cash’ was the song that got them to like BIGBANG.”


The members looked surprised to see “Haru Haru” so high up on the list, stating that they thought “BAE BAE” would be more popular. They explained, “We don’t really like ‘Haru Haru’ that much. Back when we were promoting songs like ‘Lies’ and ‘Haru Haru,’ we shot a lot of dramatized music videos. We had to act out roles for those music videos. We’re a little embarrassed by them because we were so young back then.”

Which song made you become a fan of BIGBANG?

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