Kim Min Suk Firmly Denies Any Involvement With Actor “A” + Nude Video Controversy

On December 13, actor Kim Min Suk took to his Instagram to dispel any false rumors regarding him having filmed a similar nude video to that associated with popular actor “A.”

Previously, “A” was speculated to be in a nude video that was spread to various online community sites. Following this, other similar videos supposedly depicting other male celebrities – idol member “B” and actor “C” – were reportedly leaked while being secretly sold to others.

With several people suggesting actor “C” may be him, Kim Min Suk firmly denied any possibility and involvement.

He stated, “People keep contacting me. What nude [cam]? They keep asking if I’ve ever filmed something strange like this..Do I have to sue? Who started such a unbelievable, baseless rumor like this? This world is really becoming crazy. I just came to eat cold buckwheat noodle soup with [INFINITE’s] Sunggyu. I’ve never done anything like [film a nude video].”

Meanwhile, actor “A” has yet to speak out about this matter, and his agency has stated they have not received any explanation as of yet.

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