BTS's V Shares His (Hilarious) Tips For Avoiding Weight Gain And Explains Why Suga's On A Diet

On December 13, BTS member V took to Naver’s V Live while in his hotel room in Osaka to chat with fans, eat, and rock out to music, and also shared some advice about keeping off the pounds while still eating what you want.

During the show, he told fans, “It’s said that if you’re not stressed when you’re eating, you won’t gain weight. I try not to get stressed out at all.”

He continued seriously, “They say that if you just think happy thoughts while you’re eating, you won’t gain weight. That’s the first thing.”

“Secondly, it’s said that if you enjoy the taste of your food, you won’t gain weight,” V added, and grinned as he announced that he came up with this. “If you don’t try to enjoy the taste of your food, you’ll put on weight. That’s why Suga’s on a diet right now.”

After a bit of thought, he came up with a third item. “Thirdly, you won’t gain weight if you eat soup,” he said. “It’s a bit similar to the first one. Some people don’t like soup because they think all of the seasonings are in the soup. But the best thing is to just eat it without thinking about it or getting stressed.”

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“So everyone, when you’re eating, don’t think about anything at all. Just enjoy it, and you’ll gain less weight,” he advised.

V added, “Also, try to make exercise one of your hobbies. Playing video games can be exercise too. If I imagine that my character running is myself running… that’ll make me lose a bit of weight too. That’s one way to diet!”

V later found out through fans that Suga had just posted a selfie to the group’s Japanese Twitter account. After checking it out, he held up his phone to the screen, cracking himself up as he shook his phone to make it look like Suga’s photo was dancing to the music. “Suga’s getting so good-looking nowadays,” he commented. “Jin should be worried.”

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At the end of the show, V asked fans to show lots of love for his drama “Hwarang,” which will be premiering on December 19. Are you excited to see V’s drama debut?

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“Hwarang” premieres Monday, December 19. Make sure to catch the Viki Exclusive!

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