Moon Hee Jun Reveals A Time When He Cried A Lot During His H.O.T. Days

Moon Hee Jun reveals that there was a time during his H.O.T. days when he cried everyday.

During an episode filming for Channel A’s “Singderella,” Moon Hee Jun proudly talks about his dance skills. He reveals that before debuting, he was already famous in dance circles under the rather amusing moniker, “The Yellow Pants of Songpa District.” The topic of the upcoming episode is “Dance Tracks From the ’90s That Always Get You Grooving.”

“Even during the H.O.T. auditions, I got accepted because my creative choreography had caught Lee Soo Man’s eye,” he says, much to the surprise of the cast. Super Junior’s Kim Heechul also adds, “Lee Soo Man always had praise for Moon Hee Jun, saying that he choreographed all of H.O.T.’s famous dances. Thinking about it, if there was no Moon Hee Jun, SM [Entertainment] might not even have existed.”

Moon Hee Jun shares, however, that there was a downside to his immense talents, saying, “At that time, Lee Soo Man told me that because I was the leader, and because I was good at talking, singing, and rapping, I should surrender [my dance skills] and make room for the other members. So I had no choice but to do so.” Back then, Jang Woo Hyuk had been consistently touted as the dancer in the group.

He continues, “I understand his rationale for that now, but at that time, my young heart hurt a lot, and my pillow was wet with tears everyday.”

The episode featuring Moon Hee Jun will air on December 15, and will feature a collaboration stage between Moon Hee Jun, Kim Jong Min, and Bbaek Ga as they perform the hottest dance tracks of the ’90s.

Which H.O.T. dance was your favorite?

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