Park Hyung Sik Is A Solemn King With A Heart Of Sorrow In New “Hwarang” Stills

With less than a week to go before “Hwarang” airs its first episode, KBS has released more individual stills for Park Hyung Sik’s character Sam Maek Jong.

A previous teaser about the character gives a brief overview of the “faceless” king’s many sides: an aloof young king who travels among his people in disguise, a (possible) connoisseur of music, and even a playful warrior-in-training.

The new stills, however, seem to focus on the unhappier side of Sam Maek Jong’s story, as they show him with a solemn expression on his face. Sam Maek Jong is described as someone who ascended the throne at a young age, but has never been able to show his face in public. He hides a vulnerable heart filled with sorrow, but nevertheless rises above his tragic destiny.

Meanwhile, “Hwarang” premieres Monday, December 19. Make sure to catch the Viki Exclusive!


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