Actress Lee Se Young Strongly Denies A Relationship With DJ And Director Cool K

Actress Lee Se Young has come forward to assertively deny rumors of a romantic relationship with DJ and music video director Cool K.

On December 14, Lee Se Young took to her Instagram to upload a screen shot of a comment that said, “Lee Se Young and Cool K are dating.” She included a caption to the screen shot, writing, “I screen shot this!!! I’ve never dated him and I won’t ever date him. Why do you keep making him into my ex-boyfriend TT We never went to Bali on a trip together. I went by myself. K was there for a wedding photo shoot and was there with his party first and left. If you go to his Facebook, you can see pictures of this haha TT”

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young is currently starring in the KBS drama “Laurel Tree Tailors.”

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