VIXX Shows Off Their Voracious Appetites, Even Despite Leo’s Food Allergies

Boy group VIXX recently demonstrated that food allergies are no match for them as they feasted on marinated crabs like there’s no tomorrow!

On December 15, VIXX held a live broadcast through Naver’s V Live, which featured the group doing some hardcore late night eating. According to one survey, marinated crabs was chosen as the top dish that Koreans miss when they go abroad.

During the broadcast, Hyuk happily said, “This is a schedule that legally lets us eat late night food. I want to give you all a prize.” Hongbin also chimed in, saying, “I’m so happy!” As they started eating, they kept repeating over and over, “This is so good! There’s so much meat in it.”

After they had already been eating for a while, Hyuk said, “I just now realized this, but Leo is allergic to crabs. If you start to get an allergic reaction during the broadcast, please tell us immediately.” Then Leo said, “If I suddenly disappear during the broadcast, please understand.”

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