VIXX’s Ken Has An Interesting Way Of Describing His Friendship With B1A4’s Sandeul

B1A4 was the latest guest on the “Yang Nam Show” and a special someone joined them to give a little insight into what the group is really like.

When talking about whether Sandeul is really a “Manly man,” Eric Nam decided that they should hear the answer from an acquaintance. Sandeul decided to call up his best friend, VIXX’s Ken, to defend his honor.

Ken showed off his playful side straight off the bat, introducing himself as “VIXX’s resident cutie and main vocal.” Asked whether B1A4’s members are as nice as they’re said to be, Ken agreed as he said, “I used to think the VIXX members were the nicest guys, but then I found a group [B1A4] that’s even nicer.”

The singer was also given the task of recommending a VIXX song that would be perfect for B1A4, and Ken said that the fun and funky beat of “Dynamite” would be a great match. Everyone seemed to agree with the choice, even suggesting that they should do a remake of it.

Finally, Ken was asked what Sandeul means to him as a friend and the singer had an interesting term to describe their relationship. He called Sandeul his “bul-al friend” (literal translation: “testicular friend”), which is a term used between guys who have been close friends for a long time. The staff of “Yang Nam Show” had to get creative to get his point across, censoring the word and using a fire (Korean romanization: bul) and egg (Korean romanization: al) emoji instead.

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