BTS’s Jin Wins Over “Law Of The Jungle” Crew With Dad Jokes And Charisma

BTS’s Jin has officially earned a new fan while shooting “Law Of The Jungle” last month.

In an interview this week, Lee Se Young, the production director (PD) of the SBS variety show, opened up about what made shooting the show with Jin so much fun.

“BTS’s Jin hasn’t had a lot of experience with variety shows, but he showed a lot of unexpected charm,” the PD began. “He is a big idol star these days, right? So I thought that he would be careful to maintain his image, but he wasn’t like that at all.”

The singer created a lively mood among the cast and crew as a constant source of energy and dad jokes. “If we go by age, he isn’t the youngest member on the show, but he gave off that kind of “youngest member” vibe. No matter the situation, he was always causing a lot of laughs,” she added. “He would never stop cracking dad jokes. Someone who can make people laugh even during exhausting situations is really charming.”

Last month, Jin filmed an episode of “Law Of The Jungle” on location in Manado, a city in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Fellow guests included actor Kim Min Suk, 5URPRISE’s Gong Myung, INFINITE’s Lee Sungyeol, and rapper Sleepy.

The first episode of their Indonesia adventure is scheduled to air on January 6.

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