Cube Entertainment And Around Us Reveal The Current Situation Regarding BEAST’s Trademark

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With the recent news of BEAST starting their own agency, Cube Entertainment has revealed their concerns with the trademark.

On December 16, Cube Entertainment revealed, “We have not yet discussed BEAST’s trademark with Around Us Entertainment. We need to discuss it.”

BEAST’s new independent label Around Us also stated, “We have not yet decided on anything regarding BEAST’s trademark. We are currently in discussion.” In regards to setting up the label before discussing the trademark, they replied, “It’s decision that was made after fully discussing it with the members, and was made after much debate.”

BEAST member Yang Yoseob also released a message on his personal Instagram account, saying, “Please support the five members on our new start. We need your support and love. I want to apologize and thank our B2UTYs for waiting. They were the most anxious as different conversations were floating around. I also want to sincerely thank chairman Hong Seung Sung and Cube Entertainment for forming the five of us and bringing us to where we are today. I don’t know what kind of events will happen in the future. But I’m not afraid at all. We [Around Us] will work hard to bring you all joy and happiness. ”

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