Go Ara Reveals Her Thoughts On Being The Only Female In Main Cast Of “Hwarang”

Actress Go Ara recently talked about how she feels being the only female in the main cast of KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Hwarang.”

During the drama’s press conference on December 16, Go Ara introduced her character and said, “My character [Aro] is bright, daring, and vivacious.”

As the sole female lead, she continued, “I felt bad watching the other male actors. They had a hard time filming many action scenes. All I could do was cheer them on.”

Go Ara also complimented her co-star Park Seo Joon, and revealed, “[He] is very considerate. There are many scenes where he has to rescue me, and he would always be take care of me first.”

She added, “Park Hyung Sik and I got to know each other well while acting, so our chemistry was great.”

Are you excited to see the first episode?

“Hwarang” premieres Monday, December 19. Make sure to catch the Viki Exclusive!Watch

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