K.A.R.D Has The Same Question As Everyone Else When It Comes To Winning Awards

On December 16, DSP Media’s co-ed group K.A.R.D shared their feelings about their recent debut with “Oh NaNa” during a V Live broadcast.

During the show, they smiled as they read a comment that said “Let’s try and win ‘Best New Artist’ next year.”

J.Seph laughed while he pointed out, “Do we have to win the award as a male group or a female group?,” a question that many others have asked. While end-of-the-year award ceremonies typically give out separate awards for boy groups and girl groups, K.A.R.D is one of the few co-ed groups in the industry.

They also watched various reaction videos, particularly those from international fans.

Meanwhile, K.A.R.D has quickly been gaining traction worldwide, and has been experiencing increasing success.

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