BEAST Members Show Their Determination To Stay Together, No Matter What Happens

Following Yang Yo Seob’s Instagram post regarding BEAST’s future plans, the other members have also updated their social accounts on December 16 with their own messages.

Yoon Doojoon writes: “Everyone has waited long! There has been a lot of talk about various things, but I want to be careful until everything has been confirmed. We are very, very sorry about making everyone wait. [But] this is where it all begins! The road ahead will probably be rougher and more difficult than before, but we’ll be leading in front, so please follow us fearlessly! And if we stop when the going gets tough, please give us a push from the back! It won’t be easy, but we will get through it all! Have a good day, be careful of getting a cold, and let’s all meet soon!”

Yong Junhyung writes: “[The name “Around US” means] no matter what happens, we stay together. That was the huge goal that we set for ourselves. The days ahead won’t be easy, but we’ll able to face them with joy, thanks to all of you lovable people who have continued waiting for us. It was a hard decision for the five of us, and I believe that there will be people who are satisfied, as well as people who feel it a pity. That is a part that we will fill in the future, so please continue to watch over us. We sincerely thank CEO Hong Seung Sung and the employees of Cube Entertainment for bringing BEAST into this world. It’s cold, so watch your health, and have a good day. We’ll always be by your side.”

Lee Gi Kwang writes: “We will be making a new start with Around US. First, to the fans that have loved and cherished us, worried for us and supported us, and waited till the end for us, I would like to say thank you. It may have been just a short period of time, but I would still like to thank once more all those who believed in and waited for the 5 of us.  [This new] start was made possible by the efforts of the company and our members, and I am both happy and excited. I want to thank the members, the company, the people who cherished us, CEO Hong Seung Sung who created BEAST, and CUBE Entertainment. Without the help of all these people, we would not have come so far, and could not have made such a huge decision. Together with the people around us, we will work hard and strive forward. [We hope you will] continue giving us love and consideration, the 5 members and Around US will always be together. Please anticipate and support us. Be careful of getting a cold and have a good day!”

어라운드 어스에서 다시 한번 새롭게 시작 하게 됐습니다 일단 저희를 좋아해주시고 아껴주시는 많은 팬 분들과 걱정하고 응원하며 끝까지 기다려 주셨던 많은 분들께 감사하단 말씀드리고 싶어요 짧지도 그리고 어찌보면 길지 않을 수 있었던 시간이지만 저희 다섯명을 믿고 그저 기다리기만 해주신 분들께 정말 다시 한번 감사하단 말 전하고 싶네요 회사 식구들과 멤버들 그리고 많은 분들의 노력과 수고가 모여 시작을 알린 오늘 너무 기쁘고 설렙니다 저희 다섯명과 우리 회사 그리고 저희를 아껴주시는 많은 분들 또 비스트를 만들어주신 홍승성 회장님 그리고 큐브 식구들께도 정말 감사하단 말 전하고 싶네요 이렇게 많은 분들의 도움이 없었다면 여기까지 그리고 이런 큰 결정을 하지 못했을 것 같아요 우리와 우리 주위의 모든 사람들이 함께 열심히 일해서 쭉쭉 달려볼까합니다 앞으로도 많은 사랑과 관심가져주시고 항상 함께 만들어가는 저희 다섯 멤버와 어라운드어스가 될께요 많은 기대와 응원과 사랑 부탁 드려요!!^^여러분들 날이 추운데 감기도 조심 하시구요!!!모두들 즐거운 하루 되세요!!!!

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Son Dongwoon writes: “Finally, there is a space for B2UTYs and BEAST to become closer. We hope the company will allow us to communicate more with everyone and grow together. The people who have worked with us have put in effort and sincerity for us, so everyone need not worry. I sincerely hope that B2UTYs will walk the flower road with us. I [also] really want to say sorry and thank you [to all of you] for waiting so long.”

In a second post: “And thank you to CEO Hong Seung Sung and CUBE Entertainment for creating BEAST. ‘Just say the word if you need anything’ and ‘Thank you for these seven years,’ these words by CEO Hong still ring in my ears. We will work hard to be artists that won’t make CEO Hong worry or feel burdened.”

On the same day, Around US also opened its channel on Naver V App. The members said, “We will be getting closer to everyone via V App in future. It would be good if we meet often. We’ll [also] be coming back with a more handsome image.”


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