Kangta Reveals Who He Really Wants As Guests On His Radio Show One Day

During a V Live broadcast on December 16, Kangta talked about his current radio show, MBC FM’s “Kangta’s Starry Night.”

One of the comments asked the singer who he wanted to invite to the late night radio broadcast.

First, he named none other than his boss, SM Entertainment’s founder Lee Soo Man, who was actually the 12th DJ of “Starry Night.” The radio program itself has been around since 1969, with Kangta currently acting as the 25th DJ to host the show.

“I want to invite him since he’s a former DJ of the broadcast, but he’s just too busy,” Kangta explained.

He also revealed that he’d really like to have the rest of H.O.T. as guests as well. While he thought that two or three members would be highly plausible, he unfortunately said that he wasn’t sure if he could get all four.

As his final pick, Kangta chose the popular boy group EXO, but not just a few members. He commented, “I want to ask all of EXO to appear. If I’m not careful, this could seem like a senior pressuring them, so I’ll be discreet with my words.”

“I really want to have them as guests because I really loved the atmosphere when EXO-CBX made an appearance [on the show] last time,” Kangta elaborated.

Who would you like to see on his radio show?

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