Watch: EXID’s Hani Wows Audience On “Duet Song Festival” And Jokingly Challenges Solji

EXID’s Hani has issued a challenge to her bandmate Solji.

On December 16, the idol took part in “Duet Song Festival,” performing “Cheap Coffee” by Jang Ki Ha & The Faces. Her partner was Chae Chang Wook.

Hani said, “My fellow member Solji has appeared on this program before. [So] I wanted to try it as well.”

She then jokingly declared, “I have to beat Solji,” much to everyone’s amusement.

exid hani 2

Hani’s choice of song was unexpected, but she pulled it off spectacularly with her husky voice. The duo’s unique ad-libs also created a distinctive character for the song, and they received a total of 369 audience votes.

Watch their stage below!

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