Fans of EXO’s Xiumin Praised For Their Continuous Charitable Donations

Fans of EXO’s Xiumin have recently come into the spotlight for their continuous charitable donations to help those in need.

As fandom culture continues to develop and mature, more and more fans are giving back to society in their favorite celebrity’s name.

Xiumin’s fans are said to be the most active in making charitable donations within the EXO fandom, having donated a total of 200 million won (approximately $168,600) in the past two years.

It isn’t just Korean fans who have been giving back to society though. Every year on Xiumin’s birthday, both Korean and international fans participate in various acts of charity. These include raising funds for children going under treatment for various ailments, donating scholarships to alienated adolescents, and participating in anti-desertification efforts.

For example, fansite “Xiumin Palace” has been making recurring donations to help those in need since 2014 in a time where most people make a single donation and move on. Their acts of kindness can be a great example for other fandoms to follow.

Xiumin fans stated, “We have continued our acts of charity because we feel that expressing our love of our favorite celebrity through actions that benefit society can help create a mature fandom culture. We will continue to make donations in the future to provide help to more people.”

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