Apink’s Park Chorong Talks About The Generational Shift That Happens With Girl Groups

Apink’s leader Park Chorong recently talked about the shift in attention towards newer girl groups.

On December 18, the singer participated in a recent press conference for a concert at Jangchung Gymnasium, where she was asked to comment on the recent popularity of newer girl groups such as TWICE, BLACKPINK, and GFRIEND. Park Chorong replied, “For girl groups, a generational shift is a natural thing. We see it as a chance for us to think more about it and work much harder.”

She continued, saying, “Despite it being our sixth year as a group, there are many things we haven’t shown yet. There are a lot of things that we can show, but because there are shifts in attention, it’s too bad. However, we are working hard to maintain our own color and to show a variety of images.”

Meanwhile, Apink recently released a new music video titled “You’re My Star,” as well as their special album “Dear.”

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