B1A4’s Baro Explains Why His Younger Sister Doesn’t Want Him To Promote Her Upcoming Debut

B1A4 recently sat down for an interview on the SBS radio show “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show,” where Baro was asked about the upcoming debut of his younger sister.

Baro confirmed that his sister Cha Yoon Ji will be making her debut next year. “She trained for over six years at our company and her debut kept being pushed back, but now she’s finally debuting,” he said.

“I want to promote her more and be a source of strength for her,” he went on to say. “But she has a different personality and she said to me, ‘I don’t want to hear people say later on if I’m successful that I only did well because of you.'”

“I was a bit sad, but it made me worry about her less,” Baro admitted. His fellow groupmates also complimented Cha Yoon Ji, saying she’s good at both singing and dancing.

B1A4 is currently promoting their song “A Lie,” which was released as the title track on their third studio album “Good Timing” on November 28.

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