Update: Cosmic Girls Reveals More Concept Photos For Comeback With “Just Tell Me Why”

Updated December 22 KST:

Cosmic Girls has now released individual concept photos for members Yeoreum, Mei Qi, Dawon, Bona, Yeonjung, and SeolA, as well as a group photo! Check them out below.

cosmic girls concept 1 cosmic girls concept 2 cosmic girls concept 3
cosmic girls concept 4cosmic girls concept 5cosmic girls concept 6


Cosmic Girls has shared the first batch of their individual member teasers for their upcoming return!

On December 21, the thirteen-member group revealed concept photos for seven of their members: Exy, Eunseo, Soobin, Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao, Luda, and Dayoung.

cosmic girls 1 cosmic girls 2
cosmic girls 3
cosmic girls 4 cosmic girls 5 cosmic girls 6
cosmic girls 7

Cosmic Girls previously announced through a comeback schedule that they would be making their return with their new release “Just Tell Me Why” on January 3. However, the caption on Twitter for these concept photos indicates that the release date has been pushed back, as one of the hashtags reads “20170104.”

We can look forward to the second batch of concept photos on December 22!

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