Kim Woo Bin Says He Was Inspired By Beyoncé For A Scene In His Film “Master”

In a recent interview for his film “Master,” a movie about an intellectual crime investigation team going after a massive fraud case, Kim Woo Bin revealed that he was inspired by Beyoncé for one of the scenes.

In the scene in question, his character has to dance in the office of Won Network, the company involved in fraud. “There aren’t many times I’ve danced in front of people, so I recorded myself dancing at home and showed it to the director,” Kim Woo Bin said. “My concept was Beyoncé.”

The film also stars big names such as Lee Byung Hun and Kang Dong Won. Kim Woo Bin said, “The director trusted the actors on set a lot and made it easy to act comfortably in a bright and cheerful environment.”

Meanwhile, the director, Cho Ui Seok, said, “[When I first heard about the casting lineup,] I thought to myself, ‘What am I going to do?’ Rather than joy, I felt intimidated and I had mixed feelings about it at first.”

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