Here Are Some Of The Best Moments From Top K-Variety Shows Of 2016

2016 was a year full of ups and downs. But why dwell on the downs, when you can celebrate the ups? Take a stroll down memory lane and check out our list of the best moments from this year’s 2016 Best Variety Show nominees for the 12th Annual Soompi Awards.


For the past six years, Running Man has made our Sunday nights a tad less dreary and gave us a bright start to our week. While it’s unfortunately coming to an end next year, we will always remember you, “Running Man”!

There were so many iconic moments from this show from previous years:

First Couple Race:


Superpower Episode:


Kwang Soo and the Raw Egg




But one of the most memorable moments was this year…

The last episode with Gary and the official end of Monday couple.


Relieve the tears below:


“Running Man,” you will be heartily missed. Thank you for six wonderful years with Monday Couple (or Spartace?), Kwangvatar, Grasshopper, Big Nose Hyung, Haroro, and Spartakooks.

King of Masked Singer


The best thing about this show is that if you can sing, you can compete — and I mean everyone, from idols to actors to even comedians. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this show many times, and have also discovered a ton of new bands (inside and outside of K-pop) to fill my playlists!

Here are just a few of the iconic moments from this show this year:

Our Neighborhood Music General’s winning streak

His range is just fantastic.

Siren Uhwoodong’s reveal

This singer reminded of Gummy and Dear Cloud’s Nine.

The identity of the Sun’s Junior

Once I found out his identity, I think I loved his costume even more!


There were many fond hellos,


And sad good byes,


song triplets

But these children always warm the hearts of even the meanest grinch!

Check out our picks of the cutest moments below:

Sarang, Manse, and Yuto’s love triangle

I was all abroad the Sarang-Yuto ship until Manse came along…

Haru’s adorable crush on G-Dragon

Haru is so lucky. What I wouldn’t give to fist bump GD.

Daehan’s number song

This song is adorable, he is adorable, his brothers are adorable, they are all so adorable.

When Seo Jun wanted to be a princess (ft. a talking bear)

Their love for “Frozen” is so cute!

Infinity Challenge logo Wallpapers HD 2560x1440

Muhan~ Dojeon! It’s a variety show that’s not quite a variety show, where the members are known for ignoring the script and doing their own thing. This year has been a particularly eventful one for “Infinite Challenge.”

There were long-anticipated reunions:

The day 6 crystals were reunited.

Everyone and everything is fair game in this show, including their writers:

When they read a fan fiction by one of their writers

She’s the real life Sung Shi Won from “Reply 1997”!

Let’s not forget the time a nickname trended worldwide on Twitter:


Other times, the tables turned, and the PD took the reigns:

The sky diving prank

This was just Yoo Jae Suk’s clip, but the other member’s reactions are gold too!

Sometimes there were unexpected guests:

And we said hello and good bye once more:

Jung Hyung Don’s touching cameo (Episode 497)

Lastly, we celebrated the 500th episode!

Has it been ten years already?


Here’s to hoping for more awesome challenges to come in the new year!


“Weekly Idol”! With its hilarious Random Dance segments and playful banter, this show is everyone’s favorite way to see their beloved idols!

Check out some of their best moments this year:

Dony’s comeback

Welcome back!

I.O.I’s Ugly Dance Battle

How can they still look so good with derpy faces?

Park Jin Young and Jackson

“My father!”


This show is also approaching its tenth year next year. While there were many changes to this show throughout the years, particularly in the member line-up, it has always kept its humor and heart.

Here are our picks of the most memorable moments this year:

Lee Guk Joo’s seductive dance

When Kim Yoo Jung successfully pranked the members:


PD Yoo Ho Jin’s last episode:


We Got Married


Full of many cute and swoony moments, this show is just another excuse to make new ships! Check out our picks of the year below:

The Bbyu Couple’s (Yook Sungjae and Joy) mini concert

Apink’s Bomi and Choi Tae Joon’s first meeting


Eric Nam working it in a dress

Ah, the things we do for love.


Girl power! Check out our picks of the sweetest moments below:

When Jessie met her father

Min Hyo Rin’s K-pop debut

New band to stan! Did anyone catch them performing at the KBS Entertainment awards?

Hit the Stage


This show had so many moments of slayage, it was hard to choose the best stages! Check out our picks from this year below:

INFINITE’s Hoya and Choi Hyo Jin

Modern dance isn’t too common in K-pop, but they killed it!

GOT7’s Yugyeom

How are IGOT7s alive after this performance?

TWICE’s Momo and Mina

It’s so artistic.

NCT’s Ten

A true dancing machine!

Problematic Men


The most problematic thing about this show was figuring out all those brain teasers! Here are our picks of some of the most memorable moments below:

Guest star: Chloe Moretz

Block B’s Park Kyung’s monkey costume

Jackson and Rap Monster

See the nominees for Best Variety Show here: [viki][/viki]


The 12th Annual Soompi Awards is sponsored by Spottoon, a premium comics library, and held in partnership with American network Fuse and Korea’s top production house ZANYBROS.

Happy New Year everyone!


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