Park Hyung Sik Talks About “Hwarang” Mates And Christmas Plans

Fashion magazine CeCi recently released a series of pictorials for ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik.

The concept of this photo shoot shows Park Hyung Sik in a more indolent kind of mood as he poses with roses, showing off his superior looks and alluring charm.

park hyung sik ceci 2

A CeCi spokesperson said, “Park Hyung Sik would occasionally break out into dance, lifting the atmosphere of the set. Because of him, the staff were shouting ‘Flower Hyung Sik,’ and the photo shoot was able to wrap up amidst a warm atmosphere.”

park hyung sik ceci 3

The idol-actor’s “flower-boy visual” can also be appreciated in the newly-released KBS drama “Hwarang,” in which Park Hyung Sik plays King Jinheung (Sam Maek Jong) of Silla.

When asked how the atmosphere was like during the filming of the pre-produced drama, Park Hyung Sik said, “Because there were many similarly aged friends, the atmosphere was really good. As it was a pre-produced drama, we all immersed ourselves fully into filming and did our best for every episode. Between all the actors, a comradeship was formed where we all resolved to film without regrets.”

Park Hyung Sik was also asked what his plans for Christmas were, to which he replied, “I’m a homebody that’s satisfied with just my bed, computer, and fridge.”

The idol-actor is currently in the midst of filming for JTBC’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.”

Are your Christmas plans the same as Park Hyung Sik’s?

“Hwarang” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Make sure to catch the Viki Exclusive!Watch

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