EXO’s Suho Says Being A Singer Helped Him Understand His Drama Role

On December 22, the drama “Star Of The Universe” released some stills including EXO’s Suho (Kim Joon Myun).

In the photo, Suho is taking a walk in the park wearing athletic clothing. Suho explained about his character Woo Joo, who is a genius singer and songwriter, “Woo Joo is an arrogant character who actually wants to die in the beginning. That’s why I’m focusing on Woo Joo’s emotions.”

He continued, “I practiced the lines with the director a lot before filming. Since I’m a singer, I was able to understand the story well. I thought I could express what the director wants well.”

Ji Woo Star Of The Universe

Another photo shows the character Byul Yi, played by Ji Woo, who was a high school student before becoming the Grim Reaper. She also relayed her thoughts on the drama, saying, “I’m excited since the drama is being revealed now. I’m trying my best to save Woo Joo.”

Meanwhile, “Star Of The Universe” is about the romance between a fan-girling Grim Reaper named Byul Yi and a famous singer named Woo Joo. It will consist of nine episodes, split into three distinct sections and storylines. The first section “Woo Joo’s Byul Yi” will air at the end of January. This drama is 100 percent pre-produced and finished filming in October.

Fans will be able to catch early releases of the drama through Naver and continue watching till the end on MBC.

Are you excited to see Suho in the drama?

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