Updated: Dal Shabet’s Subin Is A Winter Fairy In Teasers For New Digital Single

Updated December 23 KST:

More teaser images of Subin have been released!


Dal Shabet’s Subin has dropped dreamy teaser images for her new solo single!

On December 22, Happy Face Entertainment released the teaser images for Subin’s third solo single “Moon.” The images will also double as the album jacket.

The new single revolves around the central themes of “Moon” and “Swings,” and the released images are based on the latter. In one of the photos, Subin sits on the floor with her eyes closed, evoking the image of a person fully immersed in enjoying a swing ride. In the other photo, she is draped with fairy lights, also meant to symbolize a swing.

Previously, Subin showcased her impressive singer-songwriter abilities with “Flower” and “This Place.” This new album will be an musical exploration of emotions, guaranteed to satisfy the eagerly awaiting fans.

Happy Face Entertainment said, “This album heralds the start of a new project for Subin, after the completion of her previous projects with ‘Flower’ and ‘This Place.’ Subin will be showing a lot of her emotional side, so please look forward to it.”

The digital single will be released on online music sites on December 28, 12 p.m. KST.

What sort of song do you hope “Moon” will be?

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