Sooyoung Says Girls’ Generation Likes To Separate Into Teams For Their Karaoke Sessions

On December 22’s episode of the show “Golden Tambourine,” Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung talked about her group’s love for karaoke!

Sooyoung appeared on the karaoke-centric variety show as a friend of actor Kwon Hyuk Soo. During the episode, she shared that she personally loves going to karaoke, and was then asked by Jo Kwon if she ever goes together with her group mates.

sooyoung 2

“We really like it,” she replied. “But we have a team that sings ballads, so we get separate rooms.”

The fact that the group uses different rooms cracked everyone up, and Sooyoung jokingly reminded them, “Our agency has its own karaoke place.”

Watch more of Sooyoung on this week’s episode of “Golden Tambourine”!

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