Park Hoon Explains Why “Descendants Of The Sun” Co-Star Song Joong Ki Is Epitome Of Good Manners

Park Hoon aka “Snoopy” from the Alpha Team still looks up to his “Big Boss,” even though many months have passed since “Descendants of the Sun.”

On December 22, the actor and Click B’s Oh Jong Hyuk made an appearance on MBC FM4U’s radio show, “Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date.”

Park Hoon

During the broadcast, Park Hoon talked about the respect he had for his former co-star Song Joong Ki, and a particular moment that really touched him.

“It was my first drama [as a bigger role], and my hometown was actually one of the filming sites for ‘Descendants of the Sun.’ Song Joong Ki personally came over [to my home] to pay his respects to my mother,” he revealed.

Park Hoon explained that he never asked the actor to do so, but Song Joong Ki still gratefully came over.

“His personality makes him seem like a missionary for good character,” he said, and commented that Song Joong Ki is just a really great person.

Watch their bromance as Alpha Team members in “Descendants of the Sun” below!

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