A Pink’s Namjoo and Chorong Touched By Eric Nam’s Thoughtful Gifts

On the recent Christmas special of “Yang Nam Show” on December 22, A Pink appeared and teamed up with Eric Nam, and Cosmic Girls teamed up with Yang Se Hyung.

On this episode, the two MCs became santas and gave presents to the guests. First, Eric Nam received a mission to give A Pink members Christmas presents that are under 20,000 won (approximately $17). Yang Se Hyung received a mission to hold a special variety show lesson for Cosmic Girls who are not quite used to being on variety shows yet.

Yang Se Hyung did his best to bring out the members’ talents. He mixed Cheng Xiao’s acrobatics with zombie acting from “Train To Busan,” and transformed Eunseo’s sexy dance into a traditional dance version. He even educated Bona on how to react well to things since she didn’t decide on a talent yet.

Eric Nam

Meanwhile, while Eric Nam went out to get A Pink some presents, Namjoo told Chorong, “I’ve been on ‘We Got Married’ as one of the panel members. I think he knows what gifts girls like to get.”

As she predicted, Eric Nam returned with presents that they loved. He each gave Namjoo and Chorong separate bags filled with gifts.

One of them was clementines, which is Namjoo’s favorite fruit. Other gifts included a lip balm and mask, which are essential items for winter.

A Pink Eric Nam

Namjoo exclaimed, “My nickname is Clementine Namjoo,” and Eric Nam explained, “You looked like you had a cold, so I thought you’d need some vitamin C.”

Eric Nam A Pink

Moved by his thoughtfulness, A Pink members said, “I wonder if you have an encyclopedia on manners.”

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