Mnet Provides Update On Male Season Of “Produce 101”

On December 23, Mnet stated, “We are proceeding with the plans of producing season 2 of ‘Produce 101.’ We are aiming to air it in the first half of next year and have currently started production.”

In regards to the recruitment of contestants, Mnet stated, “We can’t reveal it yet. We will reveal things one by one when the framework of the show gets unveiled.”

First season of “Produce 101” included about 101 trainee girls from 46 domestic entertainment agencies competing to join a project girl group. 11 girls were confirmed at the end of the show and girl group I.O.I was created.

Produce 101 season 2 2

With the announcement of season 2, the staff also officially revealed that it will be a male version. It was first planned to air in March next year, but the staff corrected, “It will air sometime in the first half [of 2017].”

What are your thoughts on “Produce 101” season 2?

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