miss A’s Suzy Reflects On Her Past Drama Roles

On December 23, Cosmopolitan Hong Kong revealed miss A Suzy’s pictorial and interview. In the photos, Suzy’s romantic and feminine charms captivate the fans.

miss A Suzy Cosmopolitan 2

Through this pictorial, fans were able to better understand Suzy’s thoughts on her past roles. When asked which character resembles her the best, Suzy answered, “My pre-debut self resembles Go Hyemi in that I tried my best to become a singer. My recent character No Eul in ‘Uncontrollably Fond‘ also has a bit of Bae Suzy melted into her.”

miss A Suzy Cosmopolitan 3

She continued, “That’s why people always tell me, ‘Your character really resembles you,’ whenever I start a new project. I think I find a commonality between characters and the different sides of myself.”

Suzy also commented on her favorite movie and book, saying, “Picking from previous works I’ve watched, I really liked Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ It made me want to play that kind of role some day. These days, I try to read a lot of books regardless of the genre.”

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