Watch: Yoo Se Yoon Gives BewhY A Run For His Money With Hilarious “Forever” Parody on “Golden Tambourine”

Yoo Se Yoon put on an absolutely unforgettable rap performance in the latest episode of Mnet’s new karaoke-themed variety show “Golden Tambourine.”

As the prelude of BewhY’s “Forever” began playing, Yoo Se Yoon strutted onto the stage, and with zero hesitation, launched right into the rap as cheers erupted from the audience.

The comedian was almost a carbon copy of BewhY, from the faultless rapping to the steely gaze and even the rapper’s signature hairstyle, if one ignores the suspiciously smooth texture of Yoo Se Yoon’s “hair.”

But, true to his comedian roots, Yoo Se Yoon’s performance took a turn towards humor in the second half of the song, as he added in his wacky antics that finished in a super unexpected finale that left the crowd screaming in laughter and chanting his name in a standing ovation.

Watch the epic performance below!

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