Watch: f(x)’s Amber Is Treated To A Convenience Store Christmas Feast

A free run of the convenience store makes Amber a happy woman.

The peppy f(x) member recently appeared on Youtube duo BapMokJa and Haeppy‘s “twoplustwo,” a variety show of challenges, reviews, games, and discussions on life in Korea.

In this episode, the two vloggers take on the challenge of creating a gourmet Christmas feast for Amber, using only ingredients found in a Korean convenience store.

As expected of the beagle-dol, Amber was extremely adorable as she tagged along behind the duo on their ingredient search, annoying them with a barrage of “What are you making?” and “Buy me this!” and shamelessly stealing all the camera time. She also alternated between sassing the guys and being a supportive guest by (generously?) feeding them ingredients stolen from the other person. You go, Amber!

Watch the full episode below to find out whose Christmas feast won Amber’s heart, and what to do (or don’t) if you want a fancy yet low-budget three-course meal for the holidays.

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