Gary Looks Back On 2016 In A Solemn Post

Gary has left a weighty message on Instagram, expressing his feelings about the past year.

On December 23, the rapper uploaded a photo of a Christmas tree, with the following caption: “Make a wish #economicrecession #risinginterestrates #lowbirthrate #demographiccliff #agingpopulation #selfemploymentslump #continuousbadnews #overcomethewind Don’t trust anyone. Men are blind in their own causes.”

The words seem to be a reflection of Gary’s hardships over the past year, which has indeed been quite difficult for him.

Earlier this year, his hip-hop unit Leessang was accused of forced eviction by one of the tenants of their building in Sinsa-dong, though the court ultimately ruled in Leessang’s favor. To focus on his music, he also had to leaveRunning Man,” his family of seven years. There was also a recent issue involving the “Running Man” members Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo being dropped from the show in a unilateral decision by the production which resulted in the ultimate decision to end the show in February.

Let’s hope Gary has a better year in 2017!

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