Kim Hyo Jin And Yoo Ji Tae’s Son Is An Adorable Doppelganger

Actress Kim Hyo Jin revealed an adorable photo of her son Soo In.

On December 26, she uploaded the photo on her Instagram with the caption, “My love. He’s been getting better at communicating these days and has been chatty all day like a bird. I love him to death.”

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A photo posted by 김효진 ᴴᵞᴼᴶᴵᴺ ᴷᴵᴹ (@hyojin__0705) on

In the photo, Kim Hyo Jin’s son Soo In is smiling while in the arms of his father, actor Yoo Ji Tae. His expression surely makes others smile along.

Meanwhile, actors Kim Hyo Jin and Yoo Ji Tae got married in 2011 and had their son Soo In in 2014.

What a cute photo!

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