Here’s How To Vote Best Fandom In The 12th Annual Soompi Awards

Hi Soompiers!

For the past two years, fandoms united together to send out over millions of tweets for Best Fandom. As you may know, Soompi Awards – an annual celebration of all things K-pop and K-drama – is back for the 12th year, which means one thing: it’s time to vote for Best Fandom again!

As with the previous years, votes will be determined based ONLY on voting from Twitter in two 24-hour periods: Round One will begin on December 28, 8PM KST and end on December 29, 8PM KST, and Round Two will commence a few days later on January 5, 8PM KST and end on January 6, 8PM KST.

This year, the official hashtag for fans to tweet is: #Team______ (insert K-pop group name into the blank). There are no restrictions on how many times you can tweet during the two 24-hour periods. Voters who tweet during those two periods will also be automatically entered to win autographed good from their supporting groups! We have a few awesome signed albums in store – including BTS, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, and more, so try your luck by tweeting constantly during the voting periods!

Best Fandom winners from the previous years – Super Junior and GOT7 – have sent in speeches and support messages with their trophies to thank their fans. Let’s show them we can do it again!

Please note that only votes that use the corresponding hashtags (#Team_______) that are tweeted during those two periods mentioned will count as votes. 

If you’re unsure what your group’s official hashtag is, please refer to this helpful doc~

So get your tweeting fingers ready for an epic battle that begins on December 28! May the best fandom win!