China’s LETV Unilaterally Decides To Stop Simultaneous Broadcasts For “Hwarang”

China’s LETV has stopped simultaneously broadcasting KBS2TV’s “Hwarang.”

“Hwarang” is said to have been the last Korean drama to pass China’s reviewing process, and this cancellation is being met with fears that the drama has fallen victim to the Korean entertainment ban in China.

The “Hwarang” webpage on LETV has been closed. Soon after the first two episodes were simultaneously broadcasted last week, the relevant webpages disappeared, and there is no information about “Hwarang” on any of LETV’s webpages. All of this culminated in the third episode not airing on December 26.

A representative from KBS’s contents business division stated, “It’s true that simultaneous broadcasting has been halted since the third episode, while the first two episodes were aired according to the agreed-upon schedule in China. It seems it will be difficult for the fourth episode to be broadcasted today.”

They also stated, “We never received an official notice from LETV regarding the cancellation. However, we were told off the record that it will probably be difficult to continue the simultaneous broadcasts in the future. We have requested an explanation from LETV on why the broadcasts were halted. Coming to an agreement with our Chinese counterparts is our main priority as we wish to continue the simultaneous broadcasts for the drama.”

Hopefully, the situation will be resolved soon.

“Hwarang” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Make sure to catch the Viki Exclusive!Watch

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