AOA Unveils First Glimpse At Double Title Tracks “Excuse Me” And “Bing Bing”

Continuing the countdown to their “Angel’s Knock” comeback, AOA released the second teaser “AOA VS. AOA #1” on December 27.

FNC Entertainment announced AOA will be making their return with double title tracks “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing” along with a concept image for each song.

The girls are striking hush poses while showing off their loveable charms in retro trench coat-inspired outfits for the bright “Excuse Me” group shot.


In contrast, the AOA members look chic in black jacket dresses, giving off a darker and sexier vibe in the shot for “Bing Bing.”


Just like the concept images that give off opposite atmospheres, AOA’s first studio album “Angel’s Knock” will be released in two different versions as well. Version A’s cover fits the color scheme for the concept image for “Excuse Me,” while Version B fits more with the image for “Bing Bing.”

aoa-angels knock-a-b

More information will come out as the countdown continues. Stay tuned for the third teaser scheduled for December 28!

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