Update: SONAMOO Releases Teaser Images For “Do I Like You?” Comeback

Updated December 29 KST:

SONAMOO has revealed their group teaser image for their “Do I Like You?” comeback!

Updated December 28 KST:

SONAMOO has dropped individual teaser images for members Sumin, High.D, Minjae, and Newsun!

SONAMOO Sumin High.D Minjae SONAMOO Newsun


Just like they promised in their comeback schedule poster, TS Entertainment has started to release individual teaser images for SONAMOO’s upcoming “Do I Like You?” comeback. Up first are gorgeous shots of members Euijin, D.ana, and Nahyun. Check them out below!


The rest of the pictures are scheduled to be released on December 28. Stay tuned for the individual teaser images of High.D, Minjae, NewSun, and Sumin!

After releasing all of the teasers, SONAMOO will release their first single album “Do I Like You?” on January 9.

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