Yoo Ah In’s Military Enlistment Put On Hold After Third Medical Checkup

Yoo Ah In has received a “needs re-evaluation” result after his third medical checkup at the Military Manpower Administration (MMA).

The actor is currently 30 years old, and according to Korea’s military service law, his enlistment must be decided in the near future. Through various press conferences and interviews, Yoo Ah In has repeatedly expressed his desire to complete his military enlistment requirements.

However, a past shoulder injury he incurred while filming a movie has caused him to receive a “military service classification postponement” result, and he has been asked to get another medical checkup in 2017.

This was the actor’s third physical evaluation, with the first taking place in December 2015 with the results, “Needs six months of observation.” He received his second evaluation in May 2016, and was told his previous injury would require further observation.

UAA released an official statement on behalf of the actor that read, “Yoo Ah In had his third medical evaluation on December 15 at the Daegu branch of the MMA. The results were the same as before, to postpone his military service classification.”

They also added, “Yoo Ah In has postponed projects and CF contracts to fulfill his military enlistment requirements. However, the results of his multiple re-evaluations have been that ‘his military service classification cannot be determined at this point in time.'”

The statement was concluded with, “Currently, there is no way for Yoo Ah In to enlist. All he can do is wait for his next medical checkup and focus on rehabilitation in the meantime. Yoo Ah In hopes to receive a definite result soon so he can fulfill his military requirements.”

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