AOA Is Light And Dark Personified In Contrasting Individual Teaser Images

Following the group teasers, AOA released beautiful individual teasers for their first studio album “Angel’s Knock.”

Similar to the other photos, the images show a both a more innocent, lighter side and a darker, more seductive side for each of the members.

The two concepts correspond with AOA’s double title tracks, “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing,” and two versions of the album will be available as well.

Choa 1 Choa 2 Jimin 1 Jimin 2 Seolhyun 1 Seolhyun 2 Yuna 1 Yuna 2 Chanmi 1 Chanmi 2 Hyejeong 1 Hyejeong 2 Mina 1 Mina 2

Are you excited for AOA’s comeback on January 2?