“The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Hints At Major Developments To Come

“The Legend of the Blue Sea,” ahead of episode 13, has hinted at major developments in the story to come.

A drama source stated that the character relationships and events — both present and past — will become deeper and more intertwined as the show goes on. From Heo Jun Jae’s (Lee Min Ho‘s) story with his step brother and father to the danger posed to Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) from Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il), as well as characters’ connections and abilities to see bits of their past lives, the story is gaining more momentum as the end draws near.

the legend of the blue sea sung dong il

the legend of the blue sea shin hye sun

Meanwhile, episode 14, originally scheduled for Thursday, December 29, has been rescheduled for next week. A special broadcast showing popular scenes from episodes 1-13 will air in its place.

Watch the first episode of “The Legend of the Blue Sea” here:

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