Yong Junhyung Explains Why He Showed Up Unexpectedly On “Weekly Idol”

BEAST’s Yong Junhyung made an appearance on “Weekly Idol”!

On December 28, the MBC every1 program aired its sixth annual “Weekly Idol Award” episode.

Upon Yong Junhyung’s entrance on set, MC Jung Hyung Don remarked, “Why did you come?”

Referring to his group’s recent departure from their agency, Yong Junhyung simply responded, “I’m an independent artist now, so casting me for appearances is easier now.”

Later, he and Jung Hyung Don also set the mood with a performance of “Falling Slowly,” from the soundtrack of the film “Once.”

jung hyung don yong jun hyung

With Yong Junhyung’s accompaniment on keyboard and Jung Hyung Don’s over-the-top ad libs, their brief show brought great laughter on set.

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