Namgoong Min, Nam Sang Mi, 2PM’s Junho, And Jung Hye Sung Get Together For Table-Read Of Upcoming Drama, “Chief Kim”

In preparation for the upcoming drama “Chief Kim,” Namgoong Min, Nam Sang Mi, 2PM’s Junho, Jung Hye Sung, and other relevant actors gathered at KBS’s office on December 15 for a read-through.

“Chief Kim” is an office comedy about a genius chief accountant, Kim Sung Ryong (played by Namgoong Min), who enters a company named TQ Group to embezzle a large sum of money, but ironically ends up fighting against corruption and saving the company.

Ahead of the table-read, director Lee Jae-Hoon expressed, “I am thrilled to be working with such great actors. I hope to warm up this cold winter with all of you during the filming.”

Chief Kim 2

As the read-through began, Namgoong Min immersed himself in his character as Kim Sung Ryong and captured everyone’s attention. Likewise, Nam Sang Mi demonstrated her professional acting skills as the big shot in accounting, Yoon Ha Kyung, and had her fellow actors in awe. 2PM’s Junho also did a great job in handling his role as the cold-hearted character Seo Yool. Last but not least, TQ Group’s intern Hong Ga Eun came to life through Jung Hye Sung’s acting.

“Chief Kim” is set to begin broadcasting on January 25.

What do you think about the cast and their roles?

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