Watch: APRIL’s Rachel Is An Ethereal Ballerina In “April Story” Dance Teaser

A week after the release of APRIL’s “Prelude” comeback album cover and track list, another teaser has been released, this time focused on new member Rachel.

The teaser was released at midnight KST on December 28, and features Rachel performing the key point of the dance for their comeback title track “April Story” (literal translation: Story of the Land of Spring). It’s a visually striking video, as Rachel, clad in a white dress, gracefully dances under a spotlight in the dark.

There’s also no audio accompanying the video, so all attention is centered on the dance, which is reminiscent of ballet movements. It’s a subtle reference to Rachel’s ballet skills – the 16-year-old has been in ballet for 7 years, and has won awards at various competitions.

DSP Media said, “Rachel’s muted version of the dance is part of the choreography in the music video, where there will also be a segment that is muted. It’s the first time we’ve tried this. The dance [in the teaser] is also a preview of the key point of the dance for ‘April Story.'”

“Prelude” is the group’s third mini album, and will be released on January 4. Fans can look forward to a new image of APRIL as they take a step from pure youths to mature, classy young ladies. The group also performed their first comeback stage at their album showcase on December 29.

Watch the teaser below!

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