Watch: S.E.S Drops Colorful And Dreamy MV Teasers For “Paradise” And “Remember”

S.E.S has released the MV teasers for both their double title tracks “Paradise” and “Remember”!

The teaser for “Paradise” takes a retro direction with bright funky colours that complements the new jack swing genre of the song. There’s also a refreshing addition of silhouette dancing, and lots of other interesting elements like an old-school disco ball and even a 19th century-style praxinoscope (that toy with the mirrors).

“Remember” takes a different path, literally, into the woods. The ladies almost seem like woodland fairies as they pose in white dresses in the forest. It’s a more idyllic concept that fits both the tempo and the meaning of the self-penned ballad song that expresses S.E.S’s thanks to fans for their support.

The full album “Remember” will be released on January 2, while the title track “Remember” will be released a day earlier, on January 1.

Check out the teasers below!