KBS And YG Respond To Controversy About BIGBANG’s Lack Of Appearance On KBS Shows

KBS and YG Entertainment has recently responded to controversy about YG artists’ lack of appearance on KBS shows.

On December 29, a source from the KBS variety department said, “It is not true that BIGBANG’s appearance on an end-of-year program fell through. We had positive talks with YG’s side, but the situation just wasn’t right this time. Please refrain from wild speculations.”

The source continued, “The program’s producing directors and YG Entertainment were in talks about the appearance, but just because we have meetings with the celebrity or manager doesn’t mean that all singers end up appearing on the show.”

“Casting is inherently under the PD’s control,” they concluded. “It’s speculation to think that we reject a particular agency or have bad feelings toward them. It’s not good to make negative reports through overly simplistic deductions or outside hopes. It’s possible that the timing just wasn’t right.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment responded to the issue by stating, “In order to appear on the KBS music program, BIGBANG tried to keep the ball in the air, but since they didn’t get an answer, their appearance fell through.”

This statement caused rumors of a rift between YG and the KBS variety department. In addition, BIGBANG’s new song was also deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS, who cited the use of profanity and vulgar expressions as the reason.

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