Watch: “Adam Couple” Ga In And Jo Kwon Perform “Bloom” In Perfect Synchronization

2AM’s Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls’s Ga In, better known as the “Adam Couple” from their time on “We Got Married,” have reunited for a collaboration stage on Mnet’s “Golden Tambourine.”

On the December 29 broadcast, Ga In appeared as a surprise guest to help MC Jo Kwon’s performance. Before his stage, Jo Kwon hinted, “This is a very special stage which can’t even be seen on ‘MAMA.'”

Jo Kwon Golden Tambourine

Jo Kwon covered Ga In’s “Bloom,” and the crowd went wild when the song’s actual singer Ga In appeared halfway. Their facial expressions, choreography, and vocals were all perfectly in sync.

Jo Kwon Golden Tambourine2

After their performance, Ga In said, “This will be a fun memory,” and joked, “But I think I’ve done everything there is to do with Jo Kwon now. I don’t think I need to see him for a while.”

Jo Kwon Golden Tambourine3

Jo Kwon said, “We were together for a virtual marriage show in the past, and I’m happy to see her again like this. We hoped to show off our chemistry with this stage.”

Ga In and Jo Kwon were on “We Got Married” in 2010 and the audience loved them for their cute relationship onscreen. Even today, many fans still miss them ever since they left the show, so this collaboration performance was much welcomed with open arms.

Watch their performance of “Bloom”:

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