Defconn Chooses BIGBANG As The Idol Group With The Best Greeting

Defconn was recently full of praise for BIGBANG’s greeting manners!

On the December 30 episode of Mnet’s music talk show “Mixtape,” Hello Venus and ASTRO appeared as guests to talk about the “Idol Golden Age.”

During the show, Defconn chose BIGBANG as the group that greets the best. “BIGBANG greets really well,” he said. “So when other juniors greet me, it’s not as satisfying. Jiyong (G-Dragon) really bows 90 degrees. That’s why he’s cool.”

Lee Sang Min commented, “Of course there are strict rules of etiquette. You have to greet well, if you don’t want to mess up. It’s like building a savings account.”

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