Watch: Akdong Musician’s Partnership Is On The Rocks In Trailer For Musical Short Film

Gearing up for their January comeback, Akdong Musician has released a trailer for their upcoming musical short film!

The new album features a similar concept to their last comeback, with “puberty” and “seasons” as a common theme. The musical short film looks to continue the theme of “puberty” as the trailer shows the siblings “fighting” over whether Akdong Musician’s partnership should continue.

In the beautifully shot trailer, Lee Chan Hyuk says, “We should just stop doing Akdong Musician,” and later slams the window on Lee Soo Hyun and yells, “Let’s just disband!” In the more whimsical second part, Lee Soo Hyun says, “Because of my ugly brother, Akdong Musician is in crisis” and declares, “I will find a flower boy to star in our music video.”

Watch the trailer below!

Akdong Musician will release their album on January 1 at midnight KST. Their musical short film will be released a little later on the same date.