Writer Kim Eun Hee Discusses Season 2 Of “Signal” And Its Cast

Writer Kim Eun Hee proved herself to be a master of the crime-thriller genre after her tvN series “Signal” made it big in early 2016.

Beginning with “Sign” in 2011, she went on to write “Phantom,” “3 Days,” and “Signal,” breaking the perception that an intellectually stimulating drama cannot be a hit among the general public.

With her skillfully written scripts reflecting the issues of the times, Kim Eun Hee has received the eager support of viewers, and earned the Best Screenplay Award for “Signal” at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards. She was also ranked eighth overall and second among writers on the list of “2016 Power People” by Ilgan Sports.

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Five months after an invitation for an interview was sent, Kim Eun Hee finally agreed to sit down and talk over drinks. With her was her best friend of 18 years, actor Jang Hyun Sung, who she highly recommended as a drinking buddy, saying, “There’s no one better than this person.”

During the interview, the two friends looked back on “Signal” and what the project means to them.

When asked about a previous statement she made that she is planning to write a new season for the drama, Kim Eun Hee responded, “I said that during a lecture and I didn’t know reporters were there. In other places I’ve said, ‘I want to write a second season. Of course I should, right?’ but it was the first time there were articles that came out. I was surprised.”

She continued, “Well, firstly I have to be able to write it well. There is so much going on nowadays so I think I’ll have a lot to write.”

The writer dismissed the possibility of Jang Hyun Sung appearing on a new season, saying, “He died so he can’t appear. How can a dead person be there?” to which Jang Hyun Sung joked, “With your skill as a writer you can save the dead too.”

She was then asked if she plans on continuing the new season with the same cast, and she responded, “I think it would be meaningful to do so. They’re a good ensemble and though I don’t have ideas yet I promised to write a new season anyway. I plan to write it, in any case.”

Catch the “Signal” fever all over again with the first episode below!

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